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I meet Ayan Labradoodle Planet back in July of 2016 when i myself was looking to purchase a new malinois puppy. I have own and worked malinois for 7 year. LOVE the breed. I did a lot of research before picking a breeder and Ayan Labradoodle Planet was at the top of my list. Went to see Ayan Labradoodle Planet and checked out her dogs and puppies and man was I impressed, Her dogs are kept in clean and safe kennels and are in very good physical condition. She whelps and raise her puppy’s in her personal home where they get hands on care, She supplements there feeding with helps take the load demand of milk off the mom, it also helps the puppy’s to associate humans are good. She also provides toys and play time for her puppies. I have been a veterinary technician for 25 years and have seen my shear of puppy mills and neglected dogs. Ayan Labradoodle Planet do NOT fit the bill of puppy mill or a neglected breeder. She has the upmost respect for her dogs and puppy’s. If you understand and love the Malinois dog and are looking for a new family member than you can not go wrong by working with Ayan Labradoodle Planet to find you the right dog.

My wife, my 9 year old, 5 year old and 4 month old baby drove out to Ayan Labradoodle Planet to see our dog Cura before we purchased her. We played and interacted with our dog for awhile and then looked at the whole kennel/ grounds for ourselves. We were very impressed with the kennel, it was clean and the dogs were very healthy. She had other dogs for sale however based on our request we were shown Cura. She just had a vet visit for her booster and a check up. The vet at Petroglyph veterinary center said the dog looked and sounded good. Cura has high drive and is very friendly to our family. All in all we are VERY satisfied and happy with the newest member of our family. She is a quick learner and when she gets older I am planning on going back to Ayan Labradoodle Planet ‘s for Personal Protection and Guard Dog Training. I definitely recommend Ayan Labradoodle Planet .

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my incredible puppy! I am so in love with her, she is amazing! I am making sure to take lots of pictures of her that I will be sending you. The children in my class think she is fantastic! I have given her the name Sirona which is the Gaul goddess of healing! I thought since she will be working as a therapy dog that would be appropriate! She is so smart and caring and loving! I can’t express enough gratitude! Thank you so much!

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation in my recent purchase of a female Mal puppy named Epona from you. She has exceeded every expectation that I could have ever had. Even as a young “green” dog, the breeder had gone the extra mile to lay down some obedience fundamentals. This had made for an easy transition into our family. Epona has been bred from a highly reputable pedigree, giving her a high ball and bite drive and the willingness to please. Making Epona also extremely alert and very protective, allowing her to be a great candidate for personal protection. Ayan Labradoodle Planet also worked with me on added training tips, which enabled Epona and I to build that special bond before I took her home. I just returned from a deployment in Afghanistan, and much of this transaction was done over emails, and phone calls. Ayan Labradoodle Planet always made herself available to answer any and all questions to ensure that Epona was a right fit for my family. All vaccinations were documented, and Epona flew back to Kentucky with me with no problems. Epona’s temperament, Health, and wonderful personality and beauty… I truly could not have dreamed for a better puppy. Again, thank you for all you have done, and thank you for blessing my family with our newest member! We are going to build on the training that has already been established, and continue to develop and train on bite work. I truly could not have dreamed for a better puppy. Pleased and Grateful.

Lykia, renamed Mallory, is doing AWESOME! Her bite and drive are amazing. The Master Trainer I work with says she is incredible. Thank you for such an exceptional pup.

I want to tell you what a joy Fides is. After being a K9 handler for many years I had a void that she filled in my heart. She is incredibly smart and very loving. I can’t imagine not having her now. I knew what I wanted when I was looking for a dog and she is 100% everything I could have asked for. I would definitely recommend you to my friends or anyone who is looking for a quality canine. Thank you so much!

I like to thank you for giving us high quality Belgian Malinois female puppy and also for being promptly available for any questions we have had both before and after receiving Coco. She is a playful, beautiful and a very alert, protective dog. She is everything we hoped for and more. We are very happy about our purchase and plan on enjoying her for years to come.

My experience with RM from New Mexico. Well first of all I would like to thank Ayan Labradoodle Planet . Working breeds should remain working breeds…. End of story. Ayan Labradoodle Planet is the first person I called where the very first time we hit it off and have continued to do so since our first conversation. She understands the ins and outs of her breed. She breeds dogs for working purposes. There is a reason her pups are exported internationally, they are superior in every way. In America we get dogs from overseas because once the US gets their hands on a breed they tend ruin them by making them show dogs. Ayan Labradoodle Planet loves her breed and will not allow her stock to fall into the hands of the inexperienced and ignorant folk. If you are a first time mal enthusiast, listen to RM. She will not push you aside, but will welcome you to the working dog realm. The fact that she sells dogs to Europe is enough credibility as a real working dog person. She is not a puppy mill. She breeds dogs as well as trains them for the real world. If you are looking for a social, intelligent, loyal, stamina, agile, intense prey drive and hunt drive dogs with the attitude to protect its handler at all costs, this is the breeder for you. Many of her dogs dual purpose dogs. Ranging from personal protection, sport, tracking, narcotics, and cell extraction dogs to name a few…. contact this kennel for a great working dog. Don’t waste your time with the rest.

My name is Judy, my husband Craig emailed you this morning. I just wanted to add my perspective on Ayan Labradoodle Planet and her facility. Our first experience with Ayan Labradoodle Planet was when we went down to purchase our puppy. We were pleased with how clean the kennels were. The puppies were healthy, alert, playing. The other dog pens were clean and the animals looked well cared for. Ayan Labradoodle Planet is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I liked her right away… I also am impressed with how she interacts with the dogs. She is very patient, loving and gentle with them. We also observed her training techniques, for drug training as well as search and rescue. We were impressed. We also met a customer of hers, who was from El Segundo California. He shared with us, that he could have purchased a dog (drug dog) several other places closer to home, but he wanted one from Ayan Labradoodle Planet ; because of how she handles the dogs. So it was worth using his vacation time to purchase a dog specifically from her. All in all our experience was favorable. I would not hesitate to purchase another dog from her in the future. We are planning on having her train Thalia, for protection as well as a service dog. I hope this was helpful with your decision making.

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